About Us


Southern Aroostook Development Corporation’s (SADC) mission is to promote economic growth throughout Southern Aroostook County, a special place in rural Maine where people can prosper in a healthy, safe environment and raise their children while instilling in them good moral character and a life-long work ethic. SADC is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

  • Preserving the merits of the region by seeking new business opportunities, preserving existing industries, and fostering job opportunities.
  • Promoting entrepreneurism, eliminating hurdles to local development, and building relationships with organizations that share similar views.
  • • Maintaining economically progressive communities that meet the region’s needs now and in the future.

The Plan

As economic activity is flourishing everywhere around the country and in other parts of Maine, we believe southern Aroostook County has been overlooked. Therefore, SADC’s focus is to locate, identify, and qualify prospects who can benefit from the abundant resources available in this area.

Generally speaking, almost any business is a prospect. However, the most probable businesses are natural resource-based businesses adding value to products grown and harvested in this area. Light manufacturing, such as precision tool or electronics manufacturing, and telecommunications and back office industries are also compatible with this area and its work force. Any new business, or business expansion, that employs one, ten, one hundred, or even more is a step towards the overall objective.

Qualified prospects will have the resources of all the organizations and government entities associated in any way with SADC, as SADC will call on these groups soliciting their cooperation and support.
The officers and directors of SADC are committed and determined, and with community support, will strengthen the economic base of southern Aroostook County.